Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Now I Know

Here is one monkey:

Now I know why this pattern has so many fans. It's one of those patterns with a magical combination of stitches that make it addictive and easy to memorize. It's hard to put down unless you've completed a pattern repeat, and 5 or 6 repeats and your leg is done. Next time I will choose a yarn that is not so stripy.

The Bamboo Tape Ticovoli is moving along quickly. Should have it finished today.


km said...

Since I've seen so many Monkeys...Cara...then looking at the link for the penllyn you posted...I can see why you'd choose a different yarn next time. While the striping is's hard to see the texture. But, WOW!'re cranking out the socks. You'll have such warm feet this winter. I really like the Bamboo Tape Ticovoli. I'll be excited to see it finished.