Monday, August 25, 2008


I jumped on the bandwagon, and knit the popular Liesl.

This sweater was actually supposed to be for me! The pattern calls for worsted to bulky yarn and 7mm needles. I used worsted and only had 6mm needles, so I knit a bigger size. Of course, I didn't measure gauge, which would probably have been important!

Luckily the sweater looks pretty darn cute on Grace, and she was so happy to get a new sweater.
My days are just flying by so quickly. I can't believe I have to start homeschooling again in a couple of weeks! Caleb is growing like a weed; he's already doubled his birth weight (14lbs):
I am enjoying him so much; much more than the other kids. I think with the first child, I was such a nervous parent being a newbie. With the second, the first kid was a toddler, so I was constantly frazzled. Since Josh and Grace are much older now, they are a great help, and are really good at being on their own. Now I just have to train them to do diaper duty!