Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not So Itty-Bitty

So, the name of this book is Itty-Bitty Hats: cute and cuddly hats to knit for babies and toddlers. I should have paid more attention the the "babies and toddlers" part. I finished the gazillion rosebuds and leaves, and was so excited sewing them on...

...but the more I added, the more I realized that it just didn't look like the hat in the book.
I stuck it on Grace's head, and almost died laughing:

A big, honkin' wreath of rosebuds just isn't as cute on a 4-yr-old than on a baby. Grace still had her heart set on this cap, so a few adjustments later, it didn't look as bad:
The funny thing is, she actually liked the wreath hat and didn't want me to change it! She also wants the pumpkin hat from the same book.
I don't think so!


Tammy said...

Very nice style adjustment... and adorable model!

km said...

I love your final hat. I'd go ahead with the pumpkin hat...we have a very popular costume box here...and I'm not into just princess dress up. We've got firemen hats & jactets, cowboy hats, construction hats and tool belts, Dr. kit and jacket, and the ever fun birthday cake hat. The kids were M&M's last year for the church harvest party. They've pulled those out and worn them again at least 50 times =0) Maybe the pumpkin hat could stay in the house...I guess I'm 4 yrs. old too.

Kelley said...

Aw, I love the picture of her in the wreath hat. I agree that your final version works better for her though :-) Very cute!

Monika said...

She looks adorable with both versions, and if she's having fun, I would let her. It will get harder and harder to knit for a daughter, the older they get! ;o)