Monday, August 27, 2007

Which one?

My grandmother had been visiting all summer, and yesterday she went home to Hong Kong. This past week has been mostly spent with her, so not much knitting was done.

Joshua's sleeves (sorry, not very exciting):

I've narrowed down three patterns for the Peace Fleece yarn.

First is the cover sweater of the new Interweave:

Very interesting and unique. I like the simple lines.

Second is the Imogen sweater from Fleece Artist:

I bought this pattern after seeing this one. This pattern is probably the least favourite of the three. I don't really like the shawl pin closure, and this sweater would really look better with variegated yarn

The third is a Drops Jacket from Garn Studio:

Which one do you like?


jillian said...

I also think either the Tilted Duster or DROPS jacket. Those are both beautiful designs. Arghhhh - how to decide. I have to agree that Imogen is best in a variegated yarn - it could be quite boring otherwise :)

wendy said...

Oooooh The Drops jacket DEFINITELY - it's gorgeous!

becky c. said...

I vote for the Interweave Knits sweater. Ever since I got the magazine, I can't stop staring at it.

Kathy said...

I vote for the Interweave knits sweater. I am thinking about making it myself. Would love to watch you do it first!!

Nice that you got to spend some time with your grandmother.

lacewing said...

Well I think all three sweaters would look lovely on you, but if I had to chose one I would say the Interweave Knits Tilted Duster.

Monika said...

I like the Interweave model, but the Drops model is very cute too.

Octopus Knits said...

They're all great, but I really like the Tilted Duster!

Debbie said...

I must say, that I love the Imogen. I have the pattern as well, and I've loved it from the beginning. Second, the DROPS! They have the best designs. Yeah, do it.

Angela said...

I like the finished product of the Interweave one more, but Drops might be more interesting to knit.


susubee said...

I'm not sure I'll be much help, since I have had all three of these projects bookmarked forever and still can't choose for myself! I do agree that the Peace Fleece would be better suited for the Tilted duster or the Drops Jacket. They are both flattering designs with intersting constructions, so the difference is mainly style. I think the duster is a little bit more of a casual, wear-and-go sweater, while the jacket is a little more chic and stylized.

I'm sure either one will look wonderful with your skills!