Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Baby Backward Ribs

Ha! How's that for a sock name?

I ripped out the Monkey sock. I figured, if I'm going to spend $17 on a pair of socks, I should knit something I really like. Monkeys will be attempted some other time with a better yarn.

This one is just a very basic p3, k1tbl rib. Not a very original pattern, but it definitely works a lot better with this stripy yarn.


Monika said...

I think this sock looks great with your stitch pattern!

km said...

I like where the Yarn Harlot talks about buying sock yarn as part of the 'entertainment budget' in Knitting Rules. She says something like...at 17 dollors for a plain pair of socks you get 16 hours of knitting time (a fancy sock gets more hours). There's no movie that you pay only $1/hour for...if your hobby was going to the cinema...you're paying much more (I know prices are different since we live in different countries, but last weekend a couple friend went to a movie and it was $40...for 2 tickets and drinks and a popcorn to share). And then the Yarn Harlot says...LOL...at what theater do they hand out a pair of socks when the show is over?! I really like these socks...sure it's not fancy, but with those colors...they'll match a lot of clothes...I'm sure you'll wear them lots.

Kathy said...

I think you have made a great selection for that yarn! I love that type of ribbing - stitch definition is so great. looks wonderful