Friday, August 24, 2007

Nothing really exciting to share today. This is the back of my son's sweater:

I wanted a yarn that was very soft, but wouldn't pill and would stand up to a 7-yr-old. Also one that would be easy to clean. I chose Sirdar Snuggly DK, which is so surprisingly soft and spongy. My son chose red and grey for his sweater; something to do with the colours of the Autobot Red Alert.
When I first starting knitting about 3 years ago, I knit Peace Fleece's Everyday Cardigan:

It didn't come out too nice. The neck was too small, the sleeves were too short, and the drop shoulders were not very flattering.
So I ripped it out, and am now looking for the perfect pattern.
I'm thinking something that I can wear more like a jacket when fall comes. And I think it's coming soon; the weather here has been very blah!


Kathy said...

It will be exciting seeing what you use your "recycled" yarn to make. The original sweater looks great to me, but I know what you mean - If YOU are not happy with it - you might as well make something else.

Your son's sweater looks great too.

Debbie said...

You have no desire to re-knit the Peace Fleece sweater again? I think it would turn out beautifully, now, if you re-knit it. I love that pattern.
The right pattern will come.