Friday, August 3, 2007

Last Night

I tried very hard to get both a hat and booties knit in one night, but ended up with only booties. I was faced with obstacles all evening, like DH wanting dinner, the kids needing to be put to bed, and ultimately, me needing some sleep.

First I cast on for a Baby Shedir following the modifications here. I was very confused why this hat was supposed to be modified from adult to newborn, when the mods were only to decrease the height of the hat, but the yarn, needles size and stitches around remained the same. Still I cast on in faith, but used smaller needles and thinner yarn. After 6 rows, it was obvious that it was way to big for a baby, let alone a newborn. So, the hat was scrapped, and it was 10 pm.

Next I knit this:

Are they not the cutest things ever? The pattern is from Adorable Knits For Tots by Zoe Mellor, and I used Koigu (don't know the color; can't read the scribble on the band) and 2.5mm needles. This picture is with a quarter to show how tiny they are:

I finished these around 2 am, and washed them. Seamed them up this morning.

It seemed like I used less than half of the skein, so I thought why not try for a hat too! Knitted 'til 3 am, and was so deliriously tired that I did not realize that my hat was way too small. Urgh!
So, that was scrapped, and I went to bed.

Before visiting my friend, I went to the store and bought a few extra gifts.

She liked the gifts, but loved the booties!


Tammy said...

Ugh! Don't you just hate it when our important work is interrupted by those mundane tasks?! Dinner... what a disruption!

Adorable booties!

Monika said...

Those are the most adorable booties I've seen! :o)

km said...

The booties are soo soo cute! It's definately the yarn that makes the bootie. Sure they'd be good in a plain solid. But, I love this rainbow.

Virtuous said...

Just freakin adborable!