Sunday, August 12, 2007


These Trekking socks were a quick and easy knit. I really liked how this stitch pattern paired with this yarn; especially how the colour changes overlap in reverse stockinette stitch. The pattern is just a basic [p3, k1 tbl], but in case anyone would like it written up, I posted it here on my pattern page.

These are the other socks I'm working on:

They were knit and ripped 5 times. I had a few original patterns charted, and none of them worked out. They didn't look as nice knitted up than I imagined they would. I got so frustrated, that I finally cast on these simple socks. I'm not giving up on those patterns, but I just need a little break from them for a while. I think I'm feeling all socked out.


Tammy said...

I love the socks. Thats so funny because I'm knitting a pair of K3P1 socks right now and I keep thinking how good they look inside out... but I thought it would break some kind of rules to knit them that way. I keep forgetting that there are no rules in knitting.

Monika said...

I knew your Trekking socks would look great and they do! Sometimes simple is best! I like the stitch pattern of your new sock as well.

Susan Pandorf said...

Hey Michelle!

The yarn all came from the Stitches market, which is an annual event with over 100 different vendors. Like a big knitting convention.