Thursday, April 5, 2007

Rayne's Sock

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Rayne's Sock

By Michelle To

Rayne’s Sock is a sweet and lacy sock for a little girl. It will fit approximately age 3-4, with a foot circumference of 6.5”. The lace pattern is a simple twin-leaf lace from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting. The sock can be made a little larger or smaller by changing the needle size.


Set of 5 – 2.5mm DPN or size to obtain gauge.
Sock yarn – Sisu 80% wool/20% nylon, 50g/160m, 1 ball
Darning needle

Gauge: 8 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette stitch


Twin Leaf Chart

Chart Key:



CO 50 sts. Place 13 sts on Needle 1, 12 sts on Needle 2, 13 sts on Needle 3 and 12 sts on Needle 4. Join in round.

Row 1: ( P1, [p1, k2, p1] x 6 ) x 2
Repeat this row 10 times.


Work twin leaf chart twice for each row.
Work until four pattern repeats have been made, ending with row 8.

Heel Flap:

Place last st of Needle 3 onto Needle 2.
Place all sts of Needle 4 onto Needle 3.
Work now looks like: Needle 1 – 13 sts, Needle 2 – 13 sts, Needle 3 – 24 sts.
Heel flap will be worked back and forth on the 24 sts of Needle 3.

Row 1(ws): Sl 1, p to end
Row 2(rs): [Sl 1, k1] to end
Work these two rows until 20 rows have been made.

Turn Heel:

Row 1(ws): Sl 1, p14, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 2 (rs): Sl 1, k7, ssk, k1, turn
Row 3: Sl 1, p8, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 4: Sl 1, k9, ssk, k1, turn
Row 5: Sl 1, p10, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 6: Sl 1, k11, ssk, k1, turn
Row 7: Sl 1, p12, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 8: Sl 1, k13, ssk, k1, turn
16 sts made.


Place last 8 sts made on new needle. You will now be back to 4 needles.
Pick up 10 sts along side of heel flap, and 1 st between flap and Needle 2. Work Needle 2 and 3 in pattern. With Needle 4, pick up 1 st between Needle 3 and heel flap, and pick up 10 sts along side of flap, k 8.
Work will now look like: Needle 1 – 19 sts, Needle 2 – 13 sts, Needle 3 – 13 sts, Needle 4 – 19 sts.

Row 1: K to last 2 sts of Needle 1, k2tog; work Needle 2 and 3 in pattern; ssk, k to end of Needle 4.
Row 2: Knit Needle 1 and 4. Work Needle 2 and 3 in pattern.
Work these two rows until you have 12 sts on both Needle 1 and 4.

Foot :

Continue working foot, with Needle 1 and 4 in stockinette stitch, and Needle 2 and 3 in pattern, until foot length is 1.25 inches less than desired length. End with a row 8 in pattern. Sample sock was knitted with six pattern repeats on gusset and foot, making foot length 6.5 inches including toe.


Row 1: K Needle 1; k1, ssk, k to end of Needle 2; k to last 3 sts of Needle 3, k2tog, k1; k Needle 4.
Row 2: K all sts.
Row 3: K to last 3 sts of Needle 1, k2tog, k1; k1, ssk, k to end of Needle 2; k to last 3 sts of Needle 3, k2tog, k1; k1, ssk, k to end of Needle 4.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until 6 sts remain on each needle.

Knit Needle 1 and place sts onto Needle 4.
Break yarn and graft toe.


Tammy said...

Very cute! I have a friend with 3 little girls... she'll definitely want to see these!

Did you see I finished my Diamond Lace socks? They were the quickest socks I ever knit because once I got going, I couldn't put them down! Great pattern!

Monika said...

How sweet! Such a feisty little foot! Great job!

Debbie said...

I think these are the most beautiful socks in the world, on some beautiful little feet!
Rayne's Grandma!!