Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Sock Pattern

My new sock pattern is for Debbie's beautiful granddaughter, Luna Rayne. Debbie commented that there weren't many pretty patterns for little girls. Since Grace had been asking for socks, and Grace and Rayne had the same sized feet, I had to come up with something! The sock is for age 3-4, but if you want to make a bigger sock, you can cast on 6 more sts, and have p2, k2, p2 in between the lace panels. Make sure you line up the k2,p2 cuff, and you will need to make the heel bigger. That should fit about age 7-8 (just a guess). Since I finished the sock yesterday, Grace has refused to take them off! Anyways, hope you like them!


Debbie said...

The most beautiful socks!!! How special!