Saturday, April 21, 2007

Much Nicer

I turned the heel on my Trekking socks, using the short row heel from Pricilla's Dream Socks. Soooo much nicer than the afterthought heel:

I tried them on, and they fit fine around the gusset (the afterthought heel sock was really stretched and tight). Definitely will be using this from now on for stripy socks, and ones with contrasting heel/toes.

And thank you for all the nice comments about my shawl! You guys are so sweet!


Deborah said...

Oh, those are pretty! I'll have to check-out the heel, myself. Nice job, as usual!

marit said...

Hi- just found your blog while browsing for sockpatterns- I found Raynes's socks this afternoon, and have only the two more pattern repeats and the toe to go on the first one. It's a greatlooking pattern, and so easy to knit- but shows off great.
Your shawl is exellent too, and shame on your mother if she doesn't appreciate it!

Lone Knitter said...

That's a very nice-looking heel on your Trekking sock. I like that Trekking colorway, too.