Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Brittany and Trekking

Usually, I'm that type of anal person who only likes to knit one pair of socks at a time. But I was so eager to start this sock for three reasons:

1. It's lovely trekking; my first time using it! I love how the colours just blend together. I'm calling these my watermelon socks! I really like how soft they are, and that they also have a bit of nylon in it.

2. I was curious how these little Brittany needles would work out. They're only about 4 inches long. They're a little sticky, obviously because they're wood. I'll probably never use them for lacey socks, but they were so light and handling was definitely easier. It's such a good idea to have them at this length. One of the best things about Brittany is that there is a lifetime guarantee for breakage! I wish they made metal ones like this!

3. I can't wait to try out Pricilla's Dream Socks from Favourite Socks. What caught my attention about this pattern it that it is top down, but with a short row heel. I didn't like the last afterthought heel I made, so I'm hoping this one will be nicer.

Knitting socks is so satisfying!


Tammy said...

I love my little Brittany needles. I wish I'd paid attention to the guarantee though because one of my size 1s broke. Ugh! Oh well, now that I know, I can get another pair and hang onto the info. Thanks!

babette said...

oh, I love pinks & greens together. Like the socks also!