Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vesper Socks

Yarn: Vesper Socks in Love Stinks

Pattern: Speedway

I love this pattern so much. I'm desperately trying to resist casting on another pair. I love how it can be knitted on 4 needles, which make it seem faster. The second and second to last stitch on each needle is a M1B, which eliminates ladders. I love the chevron and I love the twisted rib.

Instead, I'm casting on for a pair of Monkeys. Everyone has knitted Monkeys, so I gotta see what's all the fuss about. I also got a few of my own patterns in the works.

Knitting is going to be quite restricted this coming week. Tomorrow we start Vacation Bible School / Soccer camp. Soccer in the morning, then lunch, then Bible camp in the afternoon. I'm in charge of all the crafts, so I've been cutting and pasting all week to get ready. This is our first year having this camp, and we're expecting close to 50 kids. Wish us luck!


Tammy said...

They look great! The colors ended up being very stunning... love 'em!

I'll be praying for your busy hands this week. Remember to let nothing stress you out! God is in control... just enjoy the week!

Angela said...

The socks look amazing.

I've been eyeing (eying?) both Speedway and Monkey patterns for awhile.


PS. Goodluck with VBS. I'm generally on Craft Duty too. We're doing a bit of a 007 theme this year.

Debbie said...

I'm glad to know where you've been. I've missed your posts. Ah, you're designing patterns, now. I knew it wouldn't be long! Where did you find your Vesper? It's so hard to find. Pretty socks.