Monday, July 9, 2007

"To Save Time, Check Gauge"

Indigo Ripples was finished this week-end. I love it! Its very cute and comfortable. I knit the smallest size. If I had luscious, womanly curves, I'd be wearing this skirt today, but alas, I have the hips and bum of a ten year old boy. The skirt is too big. Even after being machine washed and dried. Sigh. You know that line designers put at the beginning of their patterns: "To save time, check gauge."? I always skip over that line.

Thank goodness this can be easily fixed.


Tammy said...

Gasp! You didn't?!

I guess this will be a good chance to practice your grafting skills.

I'm pretty bad about the gauge part myself. It never seems to matter even when I check it so why bother... right?

Angela said...

I'm a gauge skipper, too.

That's one of the reasons I end up gifting away all my socks.