Friday, July 6, 2007

Rowan Bamboo Tape: the most expensive, impulsive yarn purchase I've ever made. The second I felt it's cool, glossy softness in my hands, I could not resist.'s spell over me is starting to wear off, now that I've knitted a tiny swatch. I remember now why I don't buy tape yarn. The uneven stitches doesn't go well with my analness. This yarn is going to become a simple, Picovoli tee, because I could only afford eight balls. With luck and prayer, I will come to appreciate uneven stitches, and this project will become the most loved (and most expensive) tee in my wardrobe.


Tammy said...

I'm sure it will look lovely when you're done! It's is a great feeling yarn.

I tend towards impulsive myself, but have gotten much (okay, a little) better at buying one ball of yarn for swatching before diving in.

Anyway, I've seen some beautiful patterns for the Bamboo so I'm sure you'll love it in the end!

Susan Pandorf said...

I loved the pattern support for the yarn. The designs are quite sleek and vaguely oriental in tone.

I am, however, quite disappointed in the drape and weight. Too heavy for me to wear in summer (even if sleeveless)

The project and its accompanying unknit yarn balls now resides in the dark depths of the UFO graveyard. I have too many other things I am absolutely besotted with to spend time with cast offs.

Hope you like it better. Me? I see a destashing in my future...


Kathy said...

The yarn looks very pretty, but I am not familiar with it so, cannot begin to realize how soft and luscious it is. I like the pattern you have chosen also.

I bet it will be a very nice project for you to work on, and that you really like it when it's all done. I will be anxious to see your progress.

Good Luck!