Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sock Surgury

This is how I'll spend my Saturday:

I knit up the whole foot yesterday, while watching Justice League cartoons with the kids. I guess I was concentrating too much on the shows, because when I was getting ready to start the toe, I noticed a messed up cable 2 inches down.

You know, those Justice League shows are just like soap operas for kids. Hawk Girl was with Green Lantern, but now he's with some other superhero. Then he saw the future, and he had a son with Hawk Girl, so now he's all conflicted. Green Arrow didn't want to join the Justice League, but then Black Canary caught his eye, so he's in. Huntress is dating Question. Wonder Woman likes Batman, but Batman is too busy being broody to care. And Flash just flirts with everybody. Hmmm...perhaps I should limit my kid's viewing time.


Tammy said...

Now the question remains... what will take longer... the drastic surgery or a quick rip and re-knit? Have fun.

km said...

I'm starting to see what a small world this is. I was looking at some Spring Felted Bag Exchange blogs, and noticed that you were a scarf partner to Judy. The shawl you made is beautiful.

Krissy said...

Hey, I think I missed that episode. Personally, I like the Avatar, Last Airbender. If you like cartoon soap operas. Good job on the surgery. I usually just frog if it's more than 6 lines.