Monday, July 2, 2007


We had such a fun, full day yesterday. Kathy asked how do we usually celebrate Canada's Day. Usually we attend our local event, which is held in a beautiful 10-acre park right across the street. It's your usual kind of fair with games, rides, concerts, displays, and tons of food! Unfortunately we weren't able to go this year; we went to church instead. Afterwards, we visited some friends that just had a baby. We had dinner out, then came home and waited for fireworks at 10pm. Again, they were held at the park across the street, which is so great! We didn't actually go into the park though. There were hundreds of people there, and big crowds make me very irritable. We just put out a blanket on the lawn on our side of the street, and still had an incredible view of the fireworks show.

These pictures did not come out very well. They were taken on the "fireworks" setting on my camera, but as you can see, there was some kind of shutter delay. I don't know anything about cameras, so if anyone has tips on taking fireworks pictures, please let me know. I think the orange picture kinda looks like a jellyfish! Next year I'd like to take the kids down to Ontario Place, where they have a way bigger fireworks show over Lake Ontario.


km said...

The fireworks setting is really the only way to go. Because it is so dark, the shutter needs to be open for a long time. Really to help the jigglyness the camera needs to be on a tripod. I just have a little silver, slip into your pocket, kind of camera. So, I'm planning on getting a little 6-8" tripod. I know it would totally come in handy for photographing my knitting. Then you use the timer so pushing the button doesn't jiggle the camera. Hope this helps. Your fireworks look great. KM

Susan Pandorf said...

Oh, don;t be so picky. I kind of like the photos this way. That last one reminds me of some sort of sea life.

Glad you enjoyed Canada Day. Us Yanks get our turn tomorrow.


Debbie said...

The pictures are great! I love the green one. Actually, the trails are very effective. These are the only fireworks I'll see for our 4th. Thanks!

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I think your photos look really nice. We had our 4th of July yesterday, but I never thought of taking photos of the fireworks...wish I had!