Friday, March 2, 2007

Thank you!

I got a lot of comments about my sock, and I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone for their kind words and encouragement! I don't have any friends and family who knit, and my husband is the opposite of supportive when it comes to knitting, so meeting all of you online knitters has been so wonderful.

Here is my Malabrigo sweater that I started:
The colours remind me of army camouflage. I don't really like the folded hem because it keeps flipping up, but I'm too lazy to start over. Hopefully it will behave after blocking. The feel is like polar fleece; super soft and squishy.
The needles I'm using are Lantern Moon ebony. I bought them not too long ago to go with my lace shawl. At first they were great for lace, since I was a beginner and the blunt ends made me knit slower and more carefully. Now that I got the hang of it, I can't use them anymore, and have to find something sharper for the lace. However, they are working great with the wool. Honestly, they are the best needles I've ever used. Dare I say, I think I like them more than Addis! They are as light and warm as bamboo, but more slicker. And the swivel join is such a great feature. The cord is not as thin and supple as Addis, but the swivel join doesn't make that an issue.
Anyways, on another topic, have you seen this scarf? Oh my goodness! Haruha Ahh-ooo-ga!


Anonymous said...

That scarf IS marvelous. But I don't think I could follow the chart. It is too light to print clearly. Bummer!

~Nana~ said...

my husband bought me some of those for xmas..lovely!
but I havent knitted anything with them yet,I guess [thanks to you] my first project I could use them on is the scarf pattern!
thanks for the link,it looks beautiful ;)

Michelle said...

Hello Dee,
I think if you click on the chart, it will link to an enlarged version. This bigger version looked funny on my screen, but it printed out perfectly!