Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clover Minis

I purchased the Clover Mini Circulars when they first came out, hoping for magic miracle needles that would quickly and effortlessly churn yarn into brilliant socks.

Alas, I was greatly disappointed.
Here are worsted weight socks knit on the 6", 3.5mm needles:
It's about 4" of work, which took about an hour to do. At this point I had to change to DPNs, because I physically could not continue. It was incredibly difficult to hold and work the miniature needles, and the sock was stretched to the max on the cord. My fingers were sore and stiff, blistered and chaffed.
Here is another hour's worth of work on 3.5 mm dpns:

Twice as much work was done.

And in about another hour, sock was complete:

My first afterthought heel; learned from here.


In my opinion, Clover Mini Circulars are tiny instruments of torture designed to fill you with false hope, inflict serious pain to your hands, slow down your knitting, and waste your money.

I'll stick to my dpns from now on.


Angela said...

Poor fingers.

Beautiful sock, though.


msubulldog said...

I hear some people really like those, but my fingers cramp just looking at them! :(