Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Embossed Leaves

I cracked open my new Favourite Socks book, and started the Embossed Leaves sock:

What an awesome, well-written and addictive pattern! It's strange how I feel knitting a patterned sock goes faster than a plain one sometimes!

I brought this sock with me yesterday to playgroup, and when I started knitting on it, I was surprised by the other mom's reactions. It was the same feeling I get with my family; I got the vibe that they were thinking "why would you waste your time making a sock?". Very strange. Maybe they were just coveting my sock ;)


Tammy said...

Gorgeous! I have some Koigu set aside for these socks. I'm working on your Diamond Lace pattern right now which is very fun (and addictive). My biggest problem with socks is getting the 2nd one knit. I have at least 3 singles right now. Ugh.

About non-knitters and socks... they just don't get it.

msubulldog said...

They were definitely coveting--look how pretty it is! :)

Therese said...

Very nice what book is that your working on ?? i'd like to get that pattern .. hee hee love the Color too ..

gray la gran said...

they were definitely coveting your sock! think ... they were jealous that you could participate and knit. they wished they could knit. they wished the sock was being knitted for them!
that sock pattern is definitely one of my *favorites*.
ps. i downloaded the diamond lace sock pattern ... has the pattern been updated (referring to the "correction" i read about in a previous post) ?
happy knitting, and knit with pride infront of *those* moms ... perhaps, they too will become curious about knitting and want to knit socks and beautiful sweaters too :)
pss ... haven't seen all of the holiday movie yet ... but, i will be on the lookout for the fabulous cameron diaz sweater :)

Karen said...

That sock is beautiful and I like your color choice. I just bought that book and I think all the patterns are nice, but the Embossed Leaves is my favorite. When people rain on my parade by asking "why bother to knit socks?" I always tell them "because my feet deserve the BEST!"