Monday, March 19, 2007

Instant Gratification

Worsted socks are great to knit if you want instant gratification. I was able to complete these in 2 days. My first try with an afterthought heel was just so-so. It didn't look very neat at the stitches that were picked up in the corners, and the sock was too tight across the gusset. Not quite sure how to correct that...maybe knit a few rounds on the heel before decreasing?


Karen said...

Your socks are lovely. What yarn did you use?

Dipsy said...

I think your idea of knitting a few more rounds around the heel before decreasing is the perfect one - I might try that too with the next afterthought heels I'm doing, it really sounds as if it'd work out!
These socks are so lovely, the colours go along so well together! Very beautiful indeed!

Angela said...

Very cute.

I love that girly-work-sock look.