Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yeah! My Malabrigo sweater is done!

It's supposed to get colder this weekend, so I'm looking forward to wearing it. It is so soft and cushy! The only thing is that I'm scared of touching anything 'cause I don't want it to pill. I used almost 4 1/2 skeins on 4.5mm needles. The Phildar yolk was perfect, and I changed the hem to a rib/cable to match the yolk. I loved making the yolk; I just think the inward decreasing cables are so nice. I definitely want to play around with that design in the future.
Ahh....there is nothing more satisfying than making a nice sweater...and having it fit!


lacewing said...

What a lovely sweater! Very nice work too.

Monika said...

It looks wonderful! What a nice pattern. It fits you very well, great job!

Angela said...

I love cables.

They're so very satisfying.


Tammy said...

Very nice. I love the yoke!

km said...

That's gorgeous. I love the green! I love the yoke! I can't believe how quickly you finished and got FO picture