Monday, March 5, 2007

New Sock

I didn't get much knitting done this week-end. I started a new sock, using my Barbara Walker stitch book:

The pattern is called the Dot Knot Stitch, and the yarn is Nature's Palette. I love buying yarn from small companies, because you can just see the love put into the yarn. This Nature's Palette merino is very soft, and has a slight sheen to it. What I love the most is the suble changes in shades of blue throughout. They use only natural dyes. I hope that means from something like flowers, and not crushed bugs or mold!!!

Here's what else I made this week-end:

Snow fort for the little ones!! I wish my mom had made a snow fort for me! I was outside for about 40mins wearing my Corazon mitts, and my hands stayed nice and warm. By the end, my mitts were soaking wet too, and I didn't even feel it!
Today I'm scheduled for performing surgury on my Malabrigo. I finished the body, but really can't stand the hem. I think I'll change it to a simple rolled hem. Wish me luck!


Monika said...

Love the new sock color and stitch pattern. I've been eying it for some time now! ;o) Nice snow fort!

Dipsy said...

Wow, this snow fort looks impressive indeed! And I really love the sock you're knitting right now, the yarn is so very beautiful, and what a great colour! Happy Knitting!

DomesticShorthair said...

A snow fort! Now that's crafting in the most basic sense! Good job! I bet the kids loved it.