Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tough Times

What a tough week I've had! Sunday I had to take some medication to induce contractions, since baby didn't come out. It did everything it was supposed to, but then I lost too much blood and my blood pressure dropped. Got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. On the way back to my bed, I fainted, and hit my face on the night table. What luck! Had I just turned 90 degrees, I would have fallen on my bed! Instead, I split my face open, got a couple scratches on my eyeball, and busted my glasses. Spending a day in emergency was horrible. I ended up getting a D & C while I was fully conscious, which was what I was trying to avoid with the medication in the first place. I am so much better today. I feel strong and I can see again. Looking at all that has happened to me the last while, I seriously just have to thank God. The only reasons He has to put trials in our lives is to teach us, to guide us, or to mold us. I just thank Him because with what I've been going through, He must have big plans for me!! And I just am so much more thankful for my two healthy children, for my wonderful husband, for my own life and salvation. This may sound very strange, but I am going through such an exciting and wonderful time right now. The fact that God is working on me is so comforting and reassuring. That popular Matt Redman song, "Blessed Be Your Name", has been playing constantly in my head:

He gives and takes away,
He gives and takes away,
My heart will choose to say,
Lord, blessed be your name.

These lyrics come from Job 1:21.

Thank you Lord for all that you give me. All that I have is from You. Blessed be your Name.
In Jesus' name, Amen.