Friday, January 26, 2007

Fun Fur, Here I come!

Finally I tracked down some 8mm DPNs (didn't know they were so hard to find!), and am now ready to tackle my pile of Fun Fur. I bought some of this stuff before I knew how to knit, and was crocheting stuffed animals for my kids. When I started knitting, my eyes were opened to the wonders of natural fibres, and the stuff has been sitting in my closet ever since. I'm a terrible pack rat, and my husband bugs me about it all the time, but I can now finally say to him, "HA! I have use for something I saved!". If you would like to join the charity hats for Children's Hospital Boston, you can find out more here.

I joined my first KAL! It is the Kidsilk-Along, and is simply any knitting with Kidsilk Haze or equivalent yarn. It can be found here. I've been wanting to try lace for a while, so I'm really excited!