Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hedera Socks

Finished my Hedera Socks a couple days ago:

These socks are very special to me! First of all, they're my very first "real" socks. I've knitted a couple of thick, worsted ones before, so this was my first with fingering weight yarn. Secondly, I started them just after I found out I lost my baby. They really helped take my mind off my sadness. The pattern was quite easy, and lots of fun. The second sock was easier and quicker than the first, 'cause it took me one whole sock to memorize the pattern (yeah, I know...I'm kinda slow!). I was worried that they wouldn't fit, because I tried them on just before the heel, and I couldn't get them on. I kept on going anyways, and they ended up being perfect. I knit the larger size, with Sisu sock yarn.

I think I'm quite obsessed with socks now. I love how quickly the project is finished. I have a closet full of sock yarn; I should flash it sometime. Up next is Jaywalkers with the STR that I won.

My husband's hat is coming along. Finished in 2 days, but still need to weave in ends. I think
he's going to look rediculous in it though. I'll show you tomorrow!