Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project Updates

I'm trying to clear all my WIPs, but it's been difficult because of new stuff. Right now I have:

1. the Minimalist Cardigan - started the fronts
2. Brea bag - haven't touched it
3. Esther socks - finished the first one

I started my first baby knit last night; the same one Kathy made. And I've been grudgingly working on this:

Ever since I knit my son and cousin their Transformers sweaters, hubby has been begging for one. First I told him I had morning sickness, then I said I had to knit X-mas gifts, then I had the sock club pattern... but now I've run out of excuses. I am NOT looking forward to more intarsia.

Thrummed mitts are done. I will get some pics when they get put to use.


km said...

That's a lot of love put into a sweater. I won't show my family...the boys and M are totally into transformers. And they would ask...I know they would. But, except for today...even in the cold my boys are still wearing shorts.

Kathy said...

You will enjoy the baby sweater - at least I did. What yarn/color are you using?

I like the new pattern blog set up. You are so generous to share your patterns, which are so well written. The "Baby Backwards Rib" is one I would like to try.

Good luck on the transformer sweater. I don't do well if I am working on a project that I really don't want to do. Seems I can avoid it at all costs. LOL!