Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's like I made 80 bucks!

Have you ever dug out an old pair of pants or jacket, reached into the pocket, and pulled out a long forgotten 20 dollar bill? Well, this past week, instead of finding money, I found UFOs. Four of 'em!

I was cleaning out my closet, uncovering boxes and bags of my stash. I was gonna start photographing it for Ravelry. I found four projects that I had forgotten all about.

[Btw, after cleaning, I have definitely decided that there is no way I'm putting my stash up. First of all, it will take too long. Secondly, the amount that I have is terrifying. I would much rather have my stash be a fuzzy blur in the back of my mind, especially when I'm not willing to give up yarn buying.]

This is the oldest one:

Mitered Squares blanket from Mason-Dixon. I started this almost two years ago, and it's made of acrylic. Not those new breed of acrylics that are silky-soft. I'm talking about the dry and crunchy kind. You see, I'm a horrible pack rat. I inherited the pack rat gene from my mom, who got it from her mom. When I started to knit, both of them "donated" their stash of yarn to me, which consisted entirely of worsted acrylic. I'm sure there was yarn in there that was older than me! Lots of the stuff doesn't even exist anymore (did you know Simpson's made yarn?). Of course I couldn't throw any of it away, and this is what became of it. I really do like this blanket, even though snuggling up to it is as comfy as hugging astroturf. The colours are fun, and I can see it taking lots of abuse from the kids.

Next is the Graduated Ribs sweater from Knitter's Stash:
This is just the body:

I started a sleeve, then gave up. This was before I learned how to knit socks. I remember trying to use DPNs, and getting so frustrated because I couldn't get the hang of it. Should be a piece of cake to finish this now, but probably not 'til spring because it's cotton.
I noticed a mistake in the lace, but this baby is knit on 3mms, so I'm not really interested in ripping back. Besides, this piece is the back. Nobody will notice, right?
And last, one my husband calls the Jailbird sweater:
This is the first sweater I tried knitting without a pattern. I guess I also tried knitting without taking a single measurement. The fit was terrible: 3 extra inches on both sides of the body, and it ended at my belly button. (???) I'm trying to fix this without ripping out the body, but it may be unsalvagable. We'll see!


Debbie said...

Wow! You have a lot of fun work ahead of you! All of the projects are really great; you should finish them! I love the blanket and the sweater from Knitters Stash, in fact, I wanted to make that sweater at one time. The only bad thing, now, is that you must feel overwhelmed with knowing you have all of these projects waiting for you! You'll do it!

maitai said...

all of the projects look great. i love the colors of the blanket. maybe after the knitting is completed, you can line it with fleece or something nice and soft so it's not as scratchy. just an idea!

and i like the stripey sweater! too bad it's too big, but maybe it can be your comfy-wear-at-home sweater :)

Michelle said...

Thanks maitai! Lining the blanket with fleece is such a perfect solution! I definitely will do that!