Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birthday Boy

Yesterday, my eldest turned 7. Wow, where has the time gone? We had a small family dinner. Joshua chose pizza, so no cooking for me (hooray!). I wish I had some nice pictures to share with you, but my husband was on camera duty.

Since all wives have ESP when it comes to their husbands, I took this pic earlier in the day:
Like I wrote last March at Grace's birthday, if you stick a toy on an ordinary cake, you instantly become the best baker in the world.
Here's my picture (sugar was kicking in so I wasn't getting any co-operation):

Did you notice what Josh was wearing? His new sweater!! Turned out very nice, I must say! It was a definite hit. Um, I guess if you put a cool design on an ordinary sweater, you instantly become the best knitter in the world. Ha!

This picture was taken today:
Feeling a little deja vu? Yeah, me too.
You see, I have a 5-yr-old cousin who also loves Transformers. He was at the party last night, and kept commenting on how much he liked the sweater. Then, my aunt (who doesn't knit) told him that I would knit him one too. I stood there a little stunned while my cousin began jumping up and down with joy. It's not like I could say no. Then his mom asked, "Can you finish it by October 1st? We're going to China for 6 months.". As pictures of all the projects I have lined up flashed through my head, I answered, "Sure! No problem!". I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when you're the best knitter in the world.


becky c. said...

Whoa! No pressure, huh? Guess you are also the best aunt in the world!

Monika said...

The sweater looks great, no wonder little boys like it! You are lucky that it's for a 5 year old! ;o) I would not have trouble to say no to an adult, but never to a kid, who want handknitted anything! ;o)

marit said...

Happy birthday to Josh! The sweater looks great on him, and I think your cousin is a pretty lucky little guy, although I'd be pretty mad at his mom...

Kathy said...

What darling children you have - yes, even on a sugar high they are as cute as can be!!

The transformer sweater turned out just darling! What a nice mama you are!! and, a great cousin, now that you are going to make another one. Very generous and kind of you.

Yes, the best baker AND knitter in the world.... :)