Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goodbye Fun Fur, Nice Knowin' Ya!

Chemo hats for Children's Hospital Boston, complete and shipped out:

There are 25 of these little beauties. I averaged about 1 per day, at a little over an hour each. That's about 30 hours of knitting with Fun Fur. The beginning was easy; I was knitting out of the goodness of my heart. During the middle, I focused on the kids going through chemo, gritted my teeth and kept knitting. At the end, it was tough. I'll be honest, the only reason I got through this was pure selfishness. I didn't care about the hats for the kids any longer. The only reason I knit so many was because I wanted to rid my stash of this stinkin' yarn forever. I can confidently say that I will NEVER knit with Fun Fur again. Now that this project is done, and that yarn is out of my sight, I hope the hats put a smile on those children's faces. My prayers are with them.