Saturday, February 17, 2007

First and Second Attempt

I'm no sock expert. I've knit four pairs of socks. I don't know why, but I feel compelled to design my next pair. The yarn I'm using is Fleece Artist. I first charted my design (a simple diamond lace), which is pretty hard to do if you don't know how to read charts in the first place. Then came the knitting. Attempt #1:

I've never done a picot cuff before, so I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a little flared out. Plus the diamonds needed a bit of tweaking. I'm so confused on how to write out the pattern at the join. The beginning of the round changes for a few rows. Anyways, I ripped it and here's attempt #2:

The diamonds are fine, though I still don't know how to chart the join part. I think I'll just have to write out the pattern instead. I tried using a provisional cast on, and knitting together the folded part of the cuff. Man, that was a lot of work, and I didn't notice much improvement. The inside was nice and smooth, but the cuff was still a little flared. I also tried ribbing the inside of the fold, which just made the picot bumps all wonky. Oh, and the sock was too big.

So, I'm off to do some frogging. Like I said, I'm no sock expert, but at least I'm having fun!


MikKnits said...

Hi Michelle! So funny to meet another Mik! I'm also MikKnits but with 2 ks. My friends and sister have called me Mik forever. We're both in the SAM3 group.