Thursday, December 20, 2007


I got my Christmas present early!

After almost 9 years of marriage, I've accepted the fact that my husband will never satisfy my need for thoughtful gifts on holidays. The way I see it now, if I don't have any expectations, I'll never be disappointed. After a failed attempt to drop major hints on my birthday (Grace even presented him with my LYS' business card, with the word "swift" printed on the back and the price) I decided to be more proactive this Christmas. Yesterday I fed him one of his favourite lunches: calzones. When he was done, and was sitting there all full and content, this was our conversation:

me: I have to go to the yarn store to get needles to finish the dog sweater.

him: Hmmm...

me: So...are you going to buy me a Christmas present this year?

him: Why, what do you want?

me: A swift!

him: What the heck is a swift?

me: It's something that helps wind a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn.

him: Why would you need that?

me: Because most of the yarn I buy comes in skeins.

him: How long does it take to wind one ball?

me: With the swift? I dunno...maybe 30 seconds? (Okay...I think I may have exaggerated just a little, but to my defense, I've never timed a skein being wound, and I'm sure if you went really, really fast, 30 sec. is pretty close)

him: And how long by hand?

me: Depends on the yarn...maybe 15 minutes? (Umm...never timed myself winding a skein by hand either, but some of those lace yarns are like 1400m!)

him: How much is it?

me: 80 bucks.

my son: Holy cow, 80 bucks?!?

(son gets really nasty look from mom)

him: Okay.

(I silently bite my lip and pump my fist up and down in celebration)

So this year, my honey bought me the most wonderful gift ever! Hooray!


knitting bean said...

Congratulations on your swift! It's such a wonderful experience when you actually receive one, isn't it? My kids, well they are 17 and 19, made me one for my birthday and that made it even more special. However, a swift is a swift and is cause for celebration! So congrats and Merry Christmas! Kristy

Tammy said...

Way to work it! Congratulations.

I shamelessly sent my DH and family an e-mail a couple of weeks ago with links to my Amazon wishlist and all my favorite online stores.

km said...

I sent my husband the link to the Loopy Ewe...and he shared it with his mom. I think I'm good for this year. I already got little stitch keepers from there for Hanukkah (M's family is Jewish). I'm hoping for a swift too. Now, you you just have to show your husband how fun winding yarn can be....and you'll have a winding service. =0)

Rubys & Purls said...

Congrats and Merry Christmas to you! My hubby has seen me trying to wind a messy lace weight skein that took two days to untangle and still no swift. Oh well, maybe next year!

Enjoy the swift!

Virtuous said...

Love your new Christmas tree!! :oD

Great present from hubby!!

Merry Christmas!

Shawna said...

he's a keeper;o) that's my next big knitting purchase!

Monika said...

I'm glad you finally got your swift! I couldn't do without one! Mine's permanently fixed on the dining table, since one day, Sam walking under it, broke off the knob with which it was screwed on the table. Now the table looks very festive, all decoreated, with the swift on one corner. :o)

Poethead said...

I think he's come a long way!