Saturday, December 29, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was very nice. Usually, Christmas dinner is a big, chaotic party (which I love), but this year it was only us, my mom, and an uncle. The evening was quiet and relaxed, and it was a pleasant change. Mom really liked the gloves, and has already requested her next gift be slippers.

Here is a gift I received from my aunt, which was a total surprise:

Awesome, huh? I'm kinda scared to open it. I think it might turn into a new obsession. I haven't sewed since grade 8 Home Ec. Already my mind is racing with possible projects.

My dad gave me some Christmas money, and it has been well spent. I got some great deals at Serenity Knits' boxing day sale:

Jo Sharp, Koigu, and superwash wool for my mom's slippers.

Did you get any special gifts this year?


km said...

My MIL was so thoughtful in her gifts this year. I'll have to post about them. I think my favorite might be a leather Brighton tapemeasure. (I don't know if you have Brighton...but they are a jewelry/accessory store here.)

Kathy said...

Love your baby ticker! I put one on my blog too - a grandma count down.

Your sewing machine is very special gift indeed! is your swift. I am sure you will enjoy them both.

I think my special gift this year is family...having my son home for an extended visit (2 1/2 wks) and the news from my daughter. Best Christmas season ever!

Your mom's gloves are gorgeous. I bet she was thrilled.