Monday, December 24, 2007

Just In Time!

My mom's gloves were finished rather quickly last week, thanks to a Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon. I used 2 balls of Zara, and a little bit of a third, on 3.25mm needles. Didn't make any changes to the pattern, except for extra stitches and decreases on each finger to prevent holes.

I also bought my mom the obligatory gift of chocolate (she loves Toblerone), and also a New Testament audio bible she had shown interest in.

Then, I started working on the doggie sweater. I thought my uncle's Pomeranian wearing a red and white ski sweater would be so adorable, but then I ran into problems with the pattern. I didn't quite get what it was saying, and the whole thing just didn't look right. It looked more like a sweater for a wine bottle. Plus there was fair isle on 2 needles...bleh!

I frogged the poor thing, dug out the pattern I used last year, and following the numbers, knit up this:

It's actually done now, but still drying. I know, the picture looks like a wine bottle sweater, but on the other side are increases for the chest, and two little legs. Hopefully I'll get a picture of the little guy wearing it.

All the rest of my gifts were purchased this year. I feel quite pleased with myself, because I remember running out to the drug store last Christmas day for last minute/forgotten gifts.

Thank you to all of you, who have given me the gift of friendship this past year. I hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

God Bless


Tammy said...

Good job! I think I have one more drug store trip to make myself.

Knittin' Diva said...

The gloves are beautiful! I'm sure your mother will love them. Congrats on the ball winder too ;-) Can't imagine how you managed without one before.