Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've Lost My Mojo

My knitting mojo, that is.

Because of some changes here at home, and me battling fatigue every day, I've had no desire to knit. Or blog. Or look at knitting blogs. Sigh...

Everything is just stalled:

Esther is still stuck on sock #1 because this pattern is soooo slow-going; reminds me of when I was working on Bayerische.

Minimalist Cardi is stalled because my ball of yarn ran out, and I don't feel like winding a new one. Plus, the moss stitch was so torturously boring.

I did start some new socks. I was knitting at my aunt's place (the same aunt that volunteered me making the 2nd Transformers sweater), and she happily declared that she would like some socks for her birthday. Her birthday is in two weeks. Sure, no problem.

I had two yarns that were both machine wash and dry, so she can take her pick. Or take both.
Don't mind me; I'm just in a little funk. I'm sure every knitter goes through this.


Tammy said...

Okay... Wind that yarn... put on a good movie... and dive back in! Or, better yet, cast on for something new! You'll find your mojo soon. :)

Kathy said...

I agree with Tammy...that's approach number one.

Number two (which works for me) is get away from it for awhile. I usually find a very thick book - and read it. By the time I am done with that book - I am chomping at the bit -- wanting to get back to my needles.
BTW - Love your toes...LOL! Did you know that having toes - the 2nd of which is longer than your great is a sign of great intelligence! You might want to just finish those socks off Toeless - and wear them...advertising your great wisdom to all the world!!

Monika said...

Yeah, we all have that. Don't force anything, it will come back. We have to do some other stuff in between. Nevertheless, all your knitting looks wonderful. Hope you'll feel inspired again soon!

Debbie said...

You'll be fine! I think everyone stalls at one point or another. You'll get back on track. You have to keep knitting! We love your work, and you inspire us! I love the green socks!

Susan Pandorf said...

Don't worry; this too shall pass. We all need a break sometimes - time to refresh our pages, so to speak...