Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finished Projects

I have some FOs to show. I've been working hard to clear up all the projects I've been working on. I know that once baby comes, there won't be much knitting for a while.

First is the Cavern Cardigan:

I had to guess how the front would fit because of my belly. I don't know why, but it never occured to me to use my mannequin to measure. Anyways, as you can see, the fronts are way too big and overlap, but I actually like how they turned out. I still have to sew on a button, but won't put it in until I lose my tummy. I really love this Dream In Color; it is incredible soft, and I'll definitely be using it again.

Next is a log cabin blanket for baby:

Yarn is Cotton-Ease in Almond, Lake and Taupe, and it comes out to about 45" x 45". The beginning was so fun and quick, but those outer rings were torture!!

Lastly, are some newborn-sized hats, made from left-over Mandarin Petit:

Teeny-tiny, about 36cm circumference, to wear home from the hospital.

Hospital bags are packed. I'm almost ready. This Sunday is my last day of teaching Sunday school, and Grace has a birthday party to go to on June 1st. After that, baby is welcome to make his appearance! 'Til then, he better stay put!


soknitpicky said...

That's very exciting to be so close! Those are great FO's. I especially like the color combo on the log cabin blanket

krysten said...

oh my goodness, those are all beautiful! i love the cardigan WITH the overlap, how'd that happen? i would want mine to look like that!

beautiful color choices for the baby items. love.

Monika said...

Everything looks beautiful and perfect. I wish you all the best!

bevq said...

I have my first grandson due any day now too! And I am way excited. Love those hats you knitted! What great colors!

Best wishes for you and your new little one!