Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

For us, Chinese New Year marks the end of the hectic holiday season. It was only until this past week that it felt like things have gone back to normal. That's because of Caleb's mysterious Christmas preset:

Chicken Pox!

We have no idea where he got it from. At first we didn't even know what it was, because people kept telling me that breastfed babies can't get the pox. Thankfully, it was very mild. Then he passed it on to his sister. Luckily his brother had been vaccinated already. Poor Gracie had it pretty bad, but is now practically itch-free.

Now, all is well, and everyone is back to normal!


Kathy... said...

Oh..... poor little guy! (Even with the pox, he's still such a cutie!!) Gracie too! I am happy to hear she is on the mend, and that Caleb had a light case.

I will never forget how sick our son was. We tracked it back to the day he became a Naturalized citizen. The court house was packed to the rafters with people....and it was warm....and GERMY! He was about 18 months old. He got terribly ill.

Nice reading a blog update from you, Michelle. Miss you - but understand totally. Stop by my blog to see a new photo of BG if you get a chance. He is almost 7 months old now. Where does the time go??????

km said...

Happy Year of the Ox!

I haven't seen a kid with chicken pox in forever. I was pretty little when I had it and don't even remember all the itches. I'm glad it's all clearing for you.

I'm really enjoying my Clapotis (made with yarn from you) and didn't even notice last spring, but the pink flecks perfectly match my light jacket. Thanks again! I'm sending up prayers for you each time I wear it. That's probably the best benefit of passing along yarn...

ponyknit said...

aww poor guy. Glad he got it young, get it out of the way!

Knitcrazy said...

He is so cute... Hpoe he is all free of the chicken pox now :) Awww Poor Gracie..
When I was little My Big Sister gave them to me... :(