Thursday, July 24, 2008

Light Knitting

I've been doing lots of light knitting...light in terms of weight. I discovered that if I breastfeed in bed, with both of us lying down and my head propped up on pillows, I can knit socks quite well. My little guy wants to feed constantly, which can be quite inconvenient, but I am sure getting lots of socks done!

Basic Koigu Socks

Spring Forward Socks with Yarntini's cornflower blue semi-solid

Speedway Socks using DK Knits Technicolor Dreamtoes

This past week I started venturing out with the three kids for the first time. Just little walks to the park. I feel so bad for the kids because they've been mostly stuck inside. They've been so patient and understanding though. I have them occupied with their first Webkinz. Caleb is a little pudge-ball now. I love watching him sleep. I just wish he slept more!


Tammy said...

Caleb is adorable! (I always think my kids are cutest when asleep.)

Great socks! You're quite the multi-tasker.

Kathy said...

LOL....the ultimate in multi-tasking!

Caleb is such a cutie. They do look very angelic while sleeping don't they?? How much does he weigh now? So sweet!

I am sure you are going out of your way to make the older kid's days very enjoyable for them. It has to be a challenge having three!!