Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

About 5 months ago, my husband left his job as a restaurant manager to work at home in his own business. At first, it was a huge adjustment. We went from never seeing him, to having him always around. But it soon became a huge blessing. He made a great effort in helping with the kids and the housework while I was pregnant, and was so supportive and patient with me. My husband is far from perfect, but he was perfectly matched to me by God.

I love watching my husband with Caleb. He turns into such a soft and tender person, which is TOTALLY unlike him.

Caleb and I are doing well. Last night he stopped cluster feeding, and slept in 2 hour blocks, which is pretty good. He is a bit jaundiced, so we're having him tested again tomorrow. Both of my other kids had to be readmitted to the hospital for light therapy, so I'm praying we won't have to do that again.

And since this is a knitting blog, here is some knitting:

Basic Koigu socks. The gusset part was knit during contractions at the hospital, but my labour progressed so quickly that I didn't get much done. I don't think I'll be knitting any time soon, but I definitely miss it. I stare longingly at my knitting bag as I breastfeed. If only I had one extra arm, I could do both at the same time!


Monika said...

Being self employed is hard. My husband decided to start his own business as well. I'm not liking it. Your Caleb is precious!

km said...

I do remember watching too much Food Network and HGTV while breastfeeding. Maybe when he's a little bigger you won't need both your hands...or someone should totally invent a contraption that would allow you to knit and feed at the same time. On the other hand...that time goes so quickly. I think it was just yesterday that my baby was a baby...and now she's 3. Enjoy that little one. Cuddle him often.

Kathy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! With all the flooding here in Iowa, and other things going on with life in general, I have fallen behind in blog reading.

BOY! What I missed on yours!! Congratulations!! He is just gorgeous! So sweet..... Wish I could cuddle him. Give him a little kiss on the forehead for me. Thanks so much for posting photos - considering how very busy you must be .

marit said...

Welcome to the world, Caleb!
He's lovely, Michelle! Take care and enjoy:-) God bless you.