Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's the fastest way to finish a project?

Frog it!!

I frogged three projects this week. I ran out of yarn for the baby socks in my last post, so I frogged my sock scrap blanket to finish them. I don't know what I was thinking, starting that blanket. It would have taken me a decade to collect enough scraps to complete it.

I also scrapped the Graduated Rib sweater that's been in my closet for more than 2 years.

I actually really liked this one, and was hoping I could finish it to fit over my big belly. But my knitting has improved a lot in just 2 years. The stitches were all wonky and the ribs were loose and messy. It was beyond saving.

Finally, I frogged the Brea bag. I liked this one too, but it was quite small, and such an odd shape, that I don't think I would really have any use for it. I used the yarn and started the Knitting Needle Bag from Bag Style. I really like the berry stitch; very cute!

A few days ago it was -11 degrees...yesterday it was +11 degrees. I really hope that's it for the really cold weather. My winter coat barely fits anymore!


Monika said...

Sometimes it's best to frog to clear ones mind, and when you see that you made so much progress in your skills, why suffer through the project you don't like? Like your Easter Tree by the way! :o)

I'm busy knitting said...

that pattern stitch is really nice.